Spanish Level 9 and 10 Descriptive oral presentation

Subject Area: 7-10 Languages
Author: Julia Pound, Siena Cole, Imogen Lazarus, Michaela Humphreys


This task requires students to describe a peer’s outfit to their class. Each student will choose at least one element of their outfit from a box of provided cultural items. The student is to engage in a Spanish presentation for three minutes using vocabulary and grammar learnt in the unit ‘fashion’. Students will be expected to use phrases such as ‘to wear’, ‘is made from…’, ‘is the colour..’, ‘has the pattern of…’ and ‘is the brand..’. Students are also required to describe the cultural component of their outfit and briefly explain its significance in Spanish. The purpose of this task is to assess students’ spoken Spanish.

Curriculum Links

Procedural Properties

Purpose: To assess students’ presentation skills in Spanish including their pronunciation and use of features of the Spanish phonological system.

Administer: Students worked in pairs to prepare a description of their partners outfit of which they were required to individually present in front of the class. They were given three lessons to prepare their presentation. During this time they had the teacher’s assistance and they were allowed to use their dictionaries and textbooks.

Record: Student results will be

Interpret: Students were individually assessed and given a mark from 0 to 5. Each student was also given feedback relating to their performance.

Use: Students’ pronunciation difficulties were noted and used to inform further teaching.


Outstanding: Speaks fluently and appropriately for the purpose, with Spanish pronunciation of non-English sounds. The presentation is thoroughly thought out and demonstrates an outstanding understanding of content.

High: Spanish pronunciation is appropriate for purpose. Spoken Spanish is communicatively competent.

Medium: Spanish pronunciation is generally appropriate for purpose. The presentation is comprehensible.

Low: Speaks in Spanish using familiar vocabulary.


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