Physics VCE: Analysing the use of electric field

Subject Area: VCE Physics
Authors: Lachlan Tantau, James Dann, Oliver Lovell, Michelle Santangelo


The task will be a response to structured questions in the form of a SAC (school assessed coursework), which follows the VCE Physics Study Design.

Curriculum links


Outstanding Students at this level

●   Are able to relate concepts of electric field and acceleration of a charge.

High Students at this level…

●   Related electric field and charge concepts

●   Relate concepts within this unit of study to other topics (e.g., Newton’s Laws)

Medium Students at this level…

●   Apply equations in relevant situations

Low Students at this level…

●         remember relevant equations

●   Identify the meanings of variables within equations

Procedural Properties

Purpose The task is a SAC that contributes to the students’ demonstration of proficiencies of unit 3 physics, outcome 1 (VCAA, 2015).  It will test the prescribed scope as outlined by the VCAA, and therefore an “adequate” SAC.
Administer The task will be a 50 minute SAC, closed book test conditions. Scientific calculator permitted. Measures will be taken to ensure that all students will experience the same conditions, making the test an “accurate” representation of their  abilities.
Record The results of the SAC will be used to determine an overall SAC score for each student, which will be reported to the VCAA. The teacher will witness completion of all SACs ensuring results are “authentic”.
Interpret The assessment matrix provides students with the ability to score on a spread that will allow calculation of a score to report to the VCAA, “appropriate” for its  purpose.
Use The result will be contribute to the students overall study score for unit 3&4 physics. It will also be used to inform future teaching.


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