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Master of Teaching – Identifying student skills

Rubrics are a fantastic way to gather information about what your students can do. This sort of evidence collection might occur at any stage of the learning process, ranging from an initial data collection to ascertain the starting point for teaching, all the way through to a summative evaluation of student progress in a particular learning area. Regardless of the purpose of your evidence collection, the one feature that must remain constant is that the rubrics you use must be designed to provide you with the best opportunity to collect data that is reliable and relates to the construct that you are assessing.

Here at Reliable Rubrics we are passionate about helping teachers develop their rubric-writing skills. To help you along the rubric-writing path we have a range of resources available. You will find sample rubrics developed by pre-service and practising teachers, spanning most of the major subject disciplines. You will also find guidelines for writing rubrics that are designed to help you avoid the common pitfalls that can so easily undermine the quality of the student data collected.

One of the key features of Reliable Rubrics is that the tools we provide are supported by extensive research and grounded in evidence-based practice. The sample rubrics provided are intended to serve as a basis on which you can build your own rubrics that are tailored to your needs. They are not finished products but drafts developed through rubric-writing workshops to serve as strong foundations for adaption to specific purposes. To help us build the evidence-base for the sample rubrics, we would love you to provide feedback on any of the sample rubrics that you adapt for your own use. We see rubric-writing as a collaborative effort and we look forward to working with you to build a professional hub for all of us who a passionate about designing rubrics that really work.

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