French Year 9 Role play

Subject Area: 7-10 Languages


Students must prepare and present a role-play situated in a French Railway Station. Students must work with at least one other person. The role-play will be based on class texts and the students will be given five one-hour periods to work on it in class.

Curriculum Links

Construct/subject/learning area: French Oral Role play Strand: Communicating

Substrand: Socialising:

“Develop classroom language to manage shared learning experiences, monitor performance and discuss French language and culture learning (VCFRC111)


  • Interacting in classroom activities and discussions to manage shared learning experiences, report on each other’s contributions and consider each other’s views, opinions and preferences
  • Planning performances or presentations to showcase French language and culture learning, for example, Si on préparait une photo-montage? Comment est-ce qu’on va présenter les images?
  • Using evaluative and comparative language to discuss different learning resources such as textbooks, websites or electronic dictionaries
  • Surveying or interviewing peers to report on shared progress, challenges and achievements

Procedural Properties





What was the purpose of this assessment? The assessment was designed to enable students to show their understanding of French language and culture in a specific social context, i.e. the railway station.





How was the assessment administered (conditions, time, individual/group, access to resources, assistance to students, etc.)? The students presented their dialogue in pairs (in front of their peers) after having rehearsed during several periods. This allowed for authentication of their work. All students presented under the same conditions to control for noise. This improved accuracy and fairness to all the students.




What records were kept from assessment (mark in mark book, added to student portfolio, etc.)? The teacher marked the presentation against a rubric and they posted the data on the teacher compass portal.





How was this assessment evidence interpreted for each student (mark, grade, list of skills to teach next, curriculum level, etc.)? Three distinct levels of ZPD have been identified – see below – and these will guide future learning for these students. For this task to be adequate, it should be measured against formative assessment of other dialogue happening in preparation of this summative task. This will show




How has the assessment and its interpretation been used (reporting, feedback to students to inform future teaching, etc.)? Yes, it was a major summative assessment task for term two and was included in the end-of- term report to inform parents of the level of achievement of their child. This task is very appropriate because it meets the needs of the curriculum and informs the teacher of next steps.




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