Maths Stage 4 Linear Relationships


Subject Area: 7-10 Mathematics
Author: Melissa Griffin


Students are given diagrams representing the modelling of an arithmetic pattern. They draw a diagram to represent their construction of the next structure required to continue the pattern. They then complete a table of values. From observations, constructions and table completion students determine a rule to describe the pattern, providing an explanation of how they obtained the rule. They use their rule to predict a structure further along in the pattern.  

Curriculum Links

Domain: Mathematics

Strand: Working Mathematically   Sub-strand:  Linear Relationships 


The objectives and outcomes have been sourced from the NSW curriculum, in the NSW Education Standards Authority website. This task is about using mathematical techniques or working like a mathematician to solve problems, working with patterns and modelling patterns algebraically.  These skills can be applied across a wide range of tasks that involve patterns.  


  • develop understanding and fluency in mathematics through inquiry, exploring and connecting mathematical concepts, choosing and applying problem-solving skills and mathematical techniques, communication and reasoning
  • develop efficient strategies for numerical calculation, recognise patterns, describe relationships and apply algebraic techniques and generalisation

Outcomes – used in the capabilities

  • MA4-1WM communicates and connects mathematical ideas using appropriate terminology, diagrams and symbols
  • MA4-2WM applies appropriate mathematical techniques to solve problems
  • MA4-3WM recognises and explains mathematical relationships using reasoning



mathslinearrelationships (1)

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