Chemistry Level 10 Green Chemistry

Subject Area: K-10 Chemistry
Author: Minh Duy Nguyen, Daniel Willcocks, Peter Shim


Students work in group of three or four to address a key issue about green chemistry. Students are to choose one of several topics which include but are not limited to:

  • acid rain
  • ocean acidification
  • hydrogen peroxide as a bleach alternative
  • production of glycolic acid using spinach redox enzyme
  • ozone depletion

Students need to analyse the chemistry behind it, the causes, impacts and how this issue is addressed. They must apply the concepts in the form of a poster which must be presented to their classmates.

Curriculum links

Chemistry 1 curriculum

Procedural Properties

Purpose To conduct research on an ongoing environmental issue and to present the information orally via an electronic poster/presentation.
Administer This task will be administered over two 75 minute periods and completed at home, informed by key questions and using a variety of modes of research.
Record A copy of the presentation is kept on file and the grades are added to the class assessment record.
Interpret Marks gave students an indication of how well they understood the content of their environmental issue. Furthermore, marks also informed students of how well they presented the information.
Use The grade for this assessment contributed to the students’ final mark for the Unit. The common issues that the students encountered were addressed in a revision lesson.


High Able to effectively analyse and discuss the chemical, social and environmental impacts of issue
Medium Able to discuss chemical, social and environmental impacts of issue
Low Able to report on impacts of issue


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