Business Studies Yr 11-12 Creating a small business proposal

Subject area: VCE Business Studies
Author: Michael, Rose, Lou and Megan

Curriculum Links

Business Management Unit 1, Area of Study 2

Small Business Decision Making, Planning and Evaluation.


Create a business proposal based on knowledge they have learnt in class. Proposals are in preparation for Marketing day. Students are working individually for their proposals.

Procedural Properties

Purpose Students demonstrate the application of key knowledge and skills learnt within unit 1, Area of Study 2 in a business context.
Administer Assessment is in the form of a report. Students are given 2-3 in class lessons to complete report. Content expected of students remains equal.Students will be given report structure and assessment guideline. Teacher will provide a few practical examples in class.
Record Student work will be graded. Rubric will be available with assessment guideline. Students can complete a self-assessment form identifying challenges and strengths.
Interpret Teachers will use the reports and student feedback to inform lesson sequencing. Noise will be accounted for by teacher observation and student self-assessment forms.
Use Students will be provided feedback on their individual reports with recommendations for future learning goals. Teacher will use Guttman Chart to identify student ZAD, ZPD and ZPD grouping for future activities.

Basic construct

Outstanding Students apply business management terms to real-life situations.
High Students relate business management terms to each other.
Medium Students use and explain business management terms.
Low Students follow report guidelines.

Taxonomy – SOLO

Extended abstract Students apply concepts of business management to real life business context.
Relational Students relate elements of the business report to other elements.
Multi-structural Students use and define Business Management terms in the business proposal.
Uni-structural Students answer questions from the assessment guideline.
Pre-structural Students copy Business Management definitions from the textbook.


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