Media Studies VCE Representation of Gender in Film Posters

Subject Area: VCE Media Unit 1 Area of Study 1 - Representation
Author: Tanya Alers, Holly Pedley, Elizabeth Sleigh and Eliza Meallin


For this SAC, you will complete a written response of 1000-1500 words to the following prompt:

Describe and analyse the historical changes in the representations of gender in film posters

You will need to source and supply:

  • A film poster pre 1970
  • A film poster post 2000 …. for your analysis.

This task requires you to:

  • Compare and contrast the two posters by examining gender representations
  • Make reference to how codes and conventions are used in the construction of both film posters
  • Include a discussion of the historical contexts of these posters
  • Include any other comments or insights you can draw from the posters or your knowledge of representations of gender in the media

Curriculum Links

Domain: Media

Procedural Properties

Type of construct Representation of Gender in Film Posters
Purpose To assess students’ ability to describe the construction of specific media representations and explain how the process of representation reproduces the world differently depending on one’s direct experience of it and historical contexts.
Administer An in-class written response to prompt. Students are given 90 minutes to complete a handwritten response.
Record Students’ work will be submitted to the teacher by hand at the conclusion of the 90 minute task time. Digital copies will be created by the teacher and made available to students via Compass. Results will be released via Compass for student, teacher and parent access.
Interpret Assessment evidence will be interpreted through teacher judgement against rubrics. Students’ ZPD will be identified through a Guttman Analysis. Students will be provided with an S or N grading as per VCAA requirements.
Use Students will receive feedback on the knowledge and skills demonstrated in task. Students will receive feedback on the knowledge and skills needing refinement and direction for their learning progression.


Representation of Gender in Film Posters

Level Description
High Students critically evaluate the ‘codes and conventions’ used in the construction of the two film posters as well as their historical contexts to inform their reading of gender representation.
Med  Students analyse gender representations through comparison of two film posters from different historical contexts.
Low Students recognise differences in the construction and historical context of two film posters in relation to the representation of gender.




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