VCE Chemistry: Experiment

Subject Area: VCE Chemistry
Author: Michelle Tran, Conor Kenneally, Darcy Sullivan, Tim Howie


Students work individually to design and conduct an experiment testing a common property of a metal of their choice: lustre, malleability, ductility, heat or electrical conductivity (VCE Chemistry Study Design 2016-2021, 2015). They then create a poster explaining their chosen metal’s property (using data from their experiment and through research), the origin of their metal and how their metal is extracted from its ore. Students are required to show their understanding of the scientific concepts behind metallic bonding and ore extraction processes, and their scientific investigation skills.

Curriculum links

VCE Chemistry:

  • Unit 1
    • Area of Study 1
      • Outcome 1
        • Key Knowledge: Metals
          • The common properties of metals (lustre, malleability, ductility, heat and electrical conductivity) with reference to the nature of metallic bonding.
          • The extraction of a selected metal from its ore/s including relevant environmental, economic and social issues associated with its extraction and use.
        • Unit 1-4
          • Key Science Skills
            • Develop aims and questions, formulate hypotheses and make predictions
            • Plan and undertake investigations
            • Comply with safety and ethical guidelines
            • Conduct investigations to collect and record data
            • Analyse and evaluate data, methods and scientific models
            • Draw evidence-based conclusions
            • Communicate and explain scientific ideas

Click to access chemistrysd-2013.pdf


Procedural Properties

Purpose To conduct experimental and literature research on a metal and to present the information as a poster.
Administer This task will be administered over four 50 minute periods (one for planning, two to conduct their practical and one lesson in class to work on poster) and completed at home. Students will be informed by key questions and will be required to use a variety of modes of research.
Record A copy of the poster is kept on file and the grades are added to the class assessment record.
Interpret Marks give students an indication of how well they understood the scientific concepts in metallic bonding and the extraction process of the metal from its ore. Marks also informed students of how well they presented the information.
Use The grade for this assessment contributed to the students’ final mark for the Unit. The common issues that the students encountered will be addressed in a subsequent follow-up lesson after completion of the task.



Able to integrate outside resources into a discussion about their chosen metal’s property, the origin of their metal and how their metal is extracted from its ore.


Able to effectively analyse and discuss their chosen metal’s property, the origin of their metal and how their metal is extracted from its ore.


Able to describe their chosen metal’s property, the origin of their metal and extraction processes.


Able to report on their chosen metal.



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