English Level 10 Persuasive Essay

Subject Area: K-10 English Strand Language 9
Author: Jordan Goulding


Students were asked to write a persuasive text that analyses how the director uses film techniques to support the narrative (plot) of the film Antwone Fisher. They were required to use at least three pieces of evidence to support their persuasive essay.

Curriculum Links

Domain Strand Sub-strand
Year 10 – English Purpose audience and structures of different types of texts Film Technique Study
                               Link to Curriculum – Australian Curriculum areas addressed [1]
Strand: Language 9. Evaluate the impact on audiences of different choices in the representation of still and moving images (ACELA1572) Strand: Literature – Responding to literature 3. Analyse and explain how text structures, language features and visual features of texts and the context in which texts are experienced may influence audience response (ACELT1641) Strand: Literacy – Texts in context 1. Analyse and evaluate how people, cultures, places, events, objects and concepts are represented in texts, including media texts, through language, structural and/or visual choices (ACELY1749)

[1] Taken from English Foundation-Year 10 (Australian Curriculum, 2016)


The central purpose of this task was for students to develop their analytical skills in the context of film study by demonstrating the Curriculum Strand Literature – Responding to literature 3 (as stated below under the Australian Curriculum areas addressed) by extracting examples from Antwone Fisher as well as incorporating film study metalanguage to examine the film techniques utilised. Evidence was collected from the students’ persuasive essays to evaluate, using judgement-based assessment, their capacity to structure their work with a cohesive introduction, body paragraph, conclusion format along with the use of modality and vocabulary to convince the reader of their point of view.


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persuasiveessayrubric_page_1 persuasiveessayrubric_page_2 persuasiveessayrubric_page_3

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