English Level 8.5-9.5 Text Response – The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Subject: K-10 English
Author: Vardis Rafiei


Text Response Essay

Essay topic: Clearly, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is an examination of the duality of human nature. Discuss. See Appendix 1 below for task sheet.

Curriculum Links

This developmental assessment framework was drawn from the Australian Curriculum English Scope and Sequence (ACARA, 2012). The sub-domains are from the Modes of skill and/or knowledge detailed in the scope and sequence. The Sub-Strand Focus from the curriculum was used for the strand and the capabilities are drawn directly from the Achievement Standards for Level 9. The AusVELS Elaborations come from the AusVELS English Curriculum (VCAA, 2013) and show a link between the two frameworks while also giving more detail about the capabilities.

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English - Text Response 1 curriculum - Dr Jekyll

 Procedural Properties

Property Explanation
Purpose: What is the purpose of this assessment? To determine students’ abilities to respond to a text in a structured essay

  • Short Term: To prepare students for Year 9 English Exam
  • Long Term: To prepare students for VCE English Units 1-4

(In particular Units 3 and 4: Outcome 1 and Final Exam)

Administer: How will the assessment be administered? What measures will ensure accuracy of the evidence?




Assessment Matrix

  • Language used in the matrix will be examined and discussed as a class
  • Quality criteria, indicators and level statements will be discussed and explained
  • In small groups students will use the matrix to mark sample essays

Planning and Drafting

  • Students will be given 5 sessions (one week) to plan for and write their drafts
  • All work will be collected by the teacher at the end of each session/s
  • Students will be able to plan for the essay collaboratively and use class materials/notes
  • Students will write the essay draft individually and under exam conditions
  • Teacher will be available for advice during the planning sessions but not during the drafting sessions

Final Copy

  • Teacher will give feedback on draft referring to the assessment matrix
  • Teacher will individually conference with each student to ensure they are clear about ‘where to next’
  • Students will have an opportunity in class to make changes and produce a final copy (amount of time to be determined once drafts are written)
Record: What records will be kept from the assessment?


  • Teacher will record AusVELS grade and level
  • Teacher will keep copies of draft, final essay and marked assessment matrix for each student
Interpret: How will the assessment evidence be interpreted?




  • Each student will receive AusVELS grade and level
  • Evidence from drafting stage will be used to give students feedback on specific areas for improvement
  • Teacher will also use drafts to identify any key skills that need to be highlighted to the whole class
  • Final assessments will be marked using the assessment matrix and Guttman analysis undertaken
Use: How will the assessment and its interpretation be used?




  • AusVELS grade and level will be used on students’ Semester 2 reports
  • Teacher will use data to help identify skills the whole class need to work on
  • Data will also be used to identify skills individual students need to work on and then group students for differentiated skill instruction
  • The results will inform teaching in preparation for end of year exam
  • Students will use data to identify skills and how they can be improved


Level Related Level/s of Taxonomy Level Description
Outstanding Relational Essay presents a complex contention that responds to the essay topic. Relevant evidence is selected and discussed both for how it is consistent with their contention and inconsistent. Evidence is embedded in the writing. TEEL structure is manipulated to suit the writer’s needs.
High Multistructural Essay presents a contention that responds to the essay topic. Relevant evidence is selected from the text and used to draw conclusions. Evidence is introduced. TEEL structure used comfortably. Ideas are clearly communicated.
Medium Unistructural Essay presents a contention that responds to the essay topic. Relevant evidence is selected from the text and included in essay. TEEL structure is used.
Low Prestructural Essay expresses a point of view that repeats the essay topic. Evidence is included in essay. Like-ideas are grouped in paragraphs.


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English - Text Response 1 rubrics - Dr Jekyll


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English – Text Response 1 – Dr Jekyll – rubrics file

Appendix 1

Task sheet

English - Text Response 1 task sheet - Dr Jekyll


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