French Year 7 and 8 Linguistic Elements and Sound System

Subject Area: 7-10 Languages (Year 7 entry sequence)
Author: Anna Mendonça, Rebecca Scott, Sarah Mattielli


Each student brings clothes for another student to wear and prepares a short description of what that student is wearing, to present to the class in the form of an oral presentation.

Curriculum Links

Years 7 and 8 Band Description

Uses features of the French sound system

1. Understanding: Systems of language

Recognise and use features of the French sound system, including pitch, rhythm, stress and intonation [Key concepts: pronunciation, intonation; Key processes: listening, distinguishing, imitating,] (ACLFRU102)

2 Uses French linguistic elements

2. Understanding: Systems of language

Understand and use elements of the French grammatical system, including word order, gender and number variation, and present and compound forms of regular and some irregular verbs [Key concepts: grammar, gender, number; Key processes: noticing, applying, explaining] (ACLFRU103)

3. French language learning and use

They focus on the different systems (grammar, vocabulary, sounds) that structure language use.

Procedural Properties

Purpose To assess students’ presentation skills in French, including their knowledge of linguistic elements and the features of the French sound system.
Administer Instructions were provided to students and they had time in class and at home to work on the task. They were allowed to use their dictionaries and text books. Students chose and provided the clothes used for their task and they were modelled by one of their peers. Students then presented in front of the teacher and their peers.
Record The teacher recorded the marks and targeted feedback for each student.
Interpret The students were given a mark for the task as well as targeted feedback.
Use The marks were included in the report and used to inform further teaching.


Outstanding Speaks fluently adjusting both conventions of grammar and pronunciation for unfamiliar sounds and using French discourse particles
High Incorporates both regular and irregular French grammatical and linguistic conventions
Medium Applies regular French grammatical conventions and attempts to adjust pronunciation
Low Speaks in French using familiar words and expressions and using French words as direct substitutes for English words


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