Geography Level 7 Place and Liveability

Subject Area: K-10 Humanities and Social Sciences
Author: Hugh Zerbst, Harriet Deans, Daniel Kelly, Tom Clark, Chris Eldridge


Answer the following questions:

  1. What are the push and pull factors in your local neighbourhood (services, lifestyle, housing, employment, transport) and how these affect your day-­‐to-­‐day activities? Find a map of your neighbourhood – Include
  2. What are the push and pull factors in a neighbourhood other than yours (services, lifestyle, housing, employment, transport)? Compare the similarities and differences. Find a map of this location – Include BOLTSS.
  3. What are the push and pull factors in the City of Melbourne (services, lifestyle, housing, employment, transport)? Find a map of Melbourne – Include BOLTSS.
  4. Choose one of the locations above and think about how it has changed and predict how it will look in the future and its

Curriculum Links

Australian Curriculum Year 7

Geographical Concepts: Place, Space, Environment, Interconnection, Sustainability, Scale

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Geography 1 curriculum link - strategies

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Geography 1 curriculum link - factors

Procedural Properties

Purpose This piece of assessment is designed to test student’s knowledge of their unit on ‘Place and Liveability’. Using maps from the local area, students will be required to assess the surrounding and local area. In doing so, this assessment will also assess the students’ mapping conventions. See Description for Activity Questions.
Administer  Student will be given 75 minutes to complete the task; they will be allowed to use their computers and other forms of ICT to complete the task. Additional pens and paper will also be available during the assessment.
Record  Marks will be recorded in a teacher mark book. Marks will also noted on the students’ work that will eventually given back to the students. If appropriate, a Guttman chart will also be developed to Locate the students’ respective ZPDs
Interpret The students will be given a mark out of 16, which will also be incorporated into a percentage. This grade will be the major piece of assessment for this particular part of the unit and will be a major part of their overall mark on their end of semester report.
Use Students will be given feedback on their work. This feedback will show students areas of their Geography knowledge and skills that need further development. It will also provide valuable feedback for the teacher, showing areas that need to be retaught or consolidated.


High Students reflect upon the ‘push and pull’ factors of place and liveability in their variety of areas. They are able to identify and describe the impact and/or change of these factors. They have demonstrated a profound understanding of mapping conventions.
Medium Students describe the basic ‘push and pull’ factors in both their local area and Melbourne, using maps to support their arguments. These maps also demonstrate an understanding of basic mapping conventions such as B.O.L.T.S.S
Low Students identify and list the basic ‘push and pull’ factors in both their area and Melbourne. To support their ideas they have also included a basic map of the areas that they have discussed.


  1. Discuss the factors that influence choice of place to live
  2. Discuss the concept of liveability
  3. Compare liveability between different places*
  4. Identifying changes over time and how they impact liveability

* A place is a geographic area that has value attached to it based on cultural influences


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